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Automobile Cleaning: Maintaining a Healthy Vehicle

by Rusty Simpson on 08/23/11

When I was younger, before I went to college, I worked my tail off so that I could start my college career driving a beautiful, brand new, midnight blue Chevy Camaro with t-tops and leather interior. Not only was it rediculously fast and just amazing to look at...the freshmen college girls thought it was pretty cool too.

So, you can imagine my horror when one 100 degree summer day in Pittsburg, KS, after a trip to the grocery store the night before, I realized I had left a whole gallon of milk in the trunk.  As I opened the door to my car to pop the trunk, I could already smell the awful putrid stench of rotten milk. The gallon had expanded in the heat and burst all over the carpet and interior of my car.  Awesome.

I never did completely get the rotten milk smell out of that Camaro.  When I sold it a couple of years ago, I was sure to do it in the winter time when the heat couldn't warm up the reminents and bring the odor to the buyer's attention. 

Now that I operate a carpet and textile cleaning business, I know that the best option would have been for me to have it steam cleaned by a professional.  We, as a society, are in our vehicles almost every day. They are basically an extension of our home.  We eat, sleep, socialize and spend a lot of time here. So, one could argue that it is just as important to have your automobile carpet and upholstery cleaned as it is to clean the carpet in your home.  Just like your indoor carpet, the carpet in your vehicle acts as filter to the air that your family is breathing.  Once it is full, it can't filter anymore.  If you have kids or pets, you know that spills, stains and "mystery smells" are also inevitable.

Having your vehicle interior professionally steam cleaned not only can help with removing odors, coffee spills, pet stains and fruit-loops, but the high temperature actually disinfects your fabrics killing harmful toxins and bacteria. Not to mention, having the abrasive dirt removed will help minimize wear and tear.

I do know two things for sure: 1) I'll never put the milk in the trunk and potentially forget about it again. 2) Going on a road trip or even just driving around town is a lot more enjoyable if the vehicle I'm driving doesn't wreak of stinky feet and coffee spills.  With flu-season approaching, do a favor for your kids and family, and get that mini-van steam cleaned!


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