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Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Carpet Cleaner...

by Rusty Simpson on 12/14/10

One of the best ways you can learn about a company before hiring them to clean your textiles is to simply ask questions.  This is a simple thing, but most people just don't  know what questions to ask, or the answers to listen for.  Hope this helps...

1.  What method of carpet cleaning do you recommend?  The best, most deep cleaning method is Deep Steam Extraction aka Hot Water Extraction.
2.  What type of equipment do you use to clean carpet? It is recommended to use a truck-mounted system, as this is the healthiest option for your home or business because it uses a HEPA filter and immediately removes allergens and other pollutants from the indoor area.
3.  What does your equipment remove from my carpet?  You should expect it to remove allergens, dirt, bacteria, dustmites, fungus, chemicals, pollens and residues left behind by previous cleanings.
4.  Are you certified by the IICRC?  ONLY use companies who have technicians who have been certified by the IICRC.  This certification is not something a company can buy.  Each individual technician must be trained and take an exam to EARN this certification.  This insures they know how to properly run the equipment, identify different fibers/materials and know how to care for your textiles appropriately. They also must continue education to maintain this certification.
5.  Do you guarantee your work? If the company is doing their very best, they should have no problem guaranteeing their work.  This means that if there is something you are not satisfied with, they should come back and re-clean at no extra charge. 

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to ask as well as what to expect from a textile cleaning company.  Unfortunately, in the textile/carpet cleaning industry (as with any industry), there are some shady people to look out for.  However, if you know the right questions to ask and what your expectations should be, you should be able to find a company with whom you can have a positive experience.

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1. Rex said on 8/7/11 - 05:51PM
As a <a href="">Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning</a> business owner. It's always good to know what potential clients are looking for. This is a good eye opener.

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