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Tis the Season for Broken Pipes...

by Rusty Simpson on 01/11/11

The cold winter months are the perfect condition to cause broken or frozen pipes.  Unfortunately, this can cause major damage and be very expensive to fix.  If you suspect or can see that you have a broken pipe, here are some things you should do immediately...

Turn Off the Main Water Supply - Know how to locate and turn off the main water supply to your home.

Don't Touch Anything Electrical if Wet - You could get electrocuted!  If this seems like it may be an issue, turn off the main electrical supply as well.

Get Professional Help - Call a professional plumber to come in and diagnose the location and extent of your leak.  If you have any standing water or other saturated materials (for example drywall, insulation or ceiling), call a Water Damage Restoration company to come remove the excess water or moisture and properly dry out your home to prevent further damage.  Also, contact an electrician to repair any damaged electrical wiring.

Do not attempt to repair this problem on your own, as it could be dangerous or cause further damage.

Call your Insurance Company - Give your Insurance Company a call to submit a Home Owners insurance claim.  Documentation is helpful, so it doesn't hurt to take pictures of the damage as well.  They will probably also send out an adjuster to assess the damage in your home.

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